The University of Iowa's journalism school is turning 100 this year. How it will celebrate:

15 April 2024, 3:09 am

The University of Iowa is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its Journalism and Mass Communication school with a Hall of Fame induction and a banquet.... Read More »

Iowa City Press-Citizen 2024 corrections and clarifications

15 April 2024, 3:08 am

News: A story in the April 11 Press-Citizen incorrectly identified the time of a University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication event. The “Inside Scoop,” which featured appearances by ...... Read More »

Answer Woman: After leaving its historic building, where will Asheville Citizen Times go?

14 April 2024, 10:12 pm

ASHEVILLE – The Asheville Citizen Times will have a new home downtown after 85 years in its historic building. Today’s burning question (s) are a sampling of the dozens our paper received about the ...... Read More »

Navigating ethical crossroads of Citizen Journalism in Nigeria: A call for balanced discourse

9 April 2024, 8:18 pm

This collaboration birthed, ‘OffTheBus’ – an innovative citizen journalism initiative of nationwide bloggers and citizen journalists ...... Read More »

Citizen journalism a hit with public

7 April 2024, 1:00 pm

METRO Online Broadcast (, which acts as a citizen journalism site, welcomes stories from the public to share news from their communities that may often go unreported. Since its launch ...... Read More »

TikToker Kelsey Russell, 23, is teaching Gen Z how to read newspapers to make journalism ‘sexy again’

5 April 2024, 3:00 pm

We have to get a little bit outside of our comfort zones, and that usually starts with reading something that you might not be as comfortable with,” Kelsey Russell, 23, told The Post.... Read More »

Mizzou Reynolds Journalism Institute defends decision to award controversial photo

5 April 2024, 8:16 am

Members of Mizzou’s Missouri School of Journalism’s Reynolds Journalism Institute defended their decision Friday to award a controversial photo. A collection of ...... Read More »

Opinion: Citizen Times serves community well, launched an international journalism career

23 March 2024, 11:10 pm

I owe much to my hometown newspaper for all it taught me about journalism, news coverage, the values of community newspapering. Last week I nostalgically visited the old Asheville Citizen Times ...... Read More »

Citizen Journalism

16 July 2018, 10:25 pm

ITN Productions will launch a new citizen journalism channel on YouTube later this year. The Truthloader channel will feature amateur… ...... Read More »

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